eXpcon 2021 - eXp Founder

Glenn Sanford, Founder of eXp talks future eXp MLS, and interviews Grant Cardone, 10X.

eXpcon 2021 - eXp Commercial, LLC

James Huang, President eXp Commercial and Stephanie Gilezan, Director of Operations

​​eXp Revenue Share Explained

Ashley Galloday, eXp Financial Analyst, evaluates numbers for large organizations to show the real numbers for actual vs. eXp.

eXpcon 2021 - eXp Global

Michael Valdes, President, eXp World Holdings, LLC shares eXp's Global Outreach.

eXpcon 2021 eXp Financial Results

Jeff Whiteside, CFO, eXp World Holdings, LLC explains the eXp 3rd Qtr. Financial Results.

eXp for Business - MONEY MONDAYS

Business Brokerage is a new division of eXp Commercial.  Tawnya Gilreath explains the eXp Business Brokerage and M&A op.