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"If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together." - Ancient African Saying



The mission of GetWIRED! is to Help Others Build Legacies.  Our Vision is that people's lives and legacies will be changed for the better by their relationships with our "higher consciousness" GetWIRED! Global Network of real estate agents working together without competition.  When people of the world are collectively filling their needs and desires of making money through service, we believe that the illusive desire for world peace and equality for all can be eventually achieved.  A  huge goal for mankind starting with real estate (earth) and trickling to all other areas of our lives.  We believe we have the business model to accomplish this long term goal, and that you have the ability to join us and help us make this a reality.


Simple.  Choose our Network of #GetWIRED Real Estate Agents to Buy, Sell, Invest in Real Estate and Attract existing and new #GetWIRED! Real Estate Agents around the world through your  Word of Mouth.


When buying, selling or investing in real estate (earth), you currently have a choice of choosing a #GetWIRED real estate agent in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Columbia, Brazil, France, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, India, South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, and soon Japan with more countries joining us every quarter.


This translates to our global passion for helping clients, agents, and existing brokerages wherever they are in their story... whether it is buying their first home to raise their family, downsizing for retirement, purchasing investment properties for long term passive income, flipping houses, purchasing land to build, selling their businesses, or wanting to find the way that they as agents and brokers can build a legacy.


This vision also translates to our #GetWIRED! TEAM MEMBERS.  We are committed to helping one another build legacies, and that applies to creating an exit strategy for retirement and  inheritance for our family. Through eXp's futuristic business model, we are able to help ourselves by helping others.  In doing so, we receive revenue share and stock in eXp Holdings, a Nasdaq Publicly Traded Company symbol EXPI.

WE believe that each person has been given gifts that they can either waste or develop, and we are committed to seeing our team grow exponentially and thrive globally.


Our team culture is built on a belief in abundance for all rather than scarcity.  That means that while we are driven, we don't believe that one person's success requires another person's loss.  Rather, we work together so that we and our clients can all win.

On a practical level this means that we make real estate fun again through collaboration and hard work.  WE work to help each other because WE are all owners of the company, so when one wins WE all win.  This teamwork lays a foundation for trust and transparency.  It has created a team that feels like global family.  We intentionally nurture this camaraderie and growth through online and offline events in exotic places around the world such as, Summits, Trainings, Workshops, Masterminds, Conventions and so much more!



Real Estate presents a phenomenal opportunity to grow your own business no matter where you are in the world.  eXp's global business model and futuristic technology gives us the tools WE need to connect.  As an independent contractor the sky is the limit.  You can grow your income with six unique income streams and adjust your schedule to fit your own goals and lifestyle.

Working with a global team of like-minds allows you this freedom while providing you with the training and support you need to succeed.  Even if you are an existing broker with brick and mortar, hefty expenses and a ton of liability and responsibility!  Our model can set you free to keep your brand with less responsibility.

Over the past 10 years, eXp has developed a cloud brokerage system, Virbela, that has proven successful and has transformed the way real estate is done by becoming the fastest growing global real estate brokerage in history.  And we would love to share that success with you!


Are you committed to honesty, integrity and excellence?  Are you interested in joining a mission focused team and having a ton of fun along the way?  Would you like the freedom of owning your own business?  WE'ld love to meet you!  Drop us a line and let's see if there may be an opportunity to work together.  

Whether you are interested in finding out the basics of the licensing process in your area of the world, a new agent looking to place your license, or a high producing residential or commercial real estate agent or broker, we would love to connect to see what synergy and magic we can co-create together!


Let’s Work Together

Joya Comeaux
545 Shoup Ave. #308
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

WE'ld love to meet you.  Get in touch so we can start today.

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