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WHY eXp?

eXp Goal:  500k Agents in 50 Countries in 5 years
Why eXp?  Who is Glen Sanford?  What's in it for me?






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I am a High Producing Real Estate Agent, already.  I love the company and people that I work with, and I am happy where I am.  Why bring myself, my team, my brokerage or my brand over to eXp?


Let us count the reasons:  1. Virbela eXp World; 2. NO Franchise Fees; 3. NO Desk Fees; 4. Ongoing Training; 5. Global Outreach; 6.  Global Events; 7. Stock and Company Ownership; 8. Revenue Share; 9.  Less Legal Responsibility for existing Brokerages; 10. Cap and Split; 11. Ability to earn cap back by helping others; 12. People - Culture - Core Values, 13. Make a Difference to Others; just to name a few and there are so many more!  Here is one eXp agent's testimonial:

Oh, and Just so you know... WE do not make money unless you do!

If eXp agents that come over by the person that sponsors them, that sponsor does not make money, simple as that.  This brokerage was created to change the "old fashioned" model of how real estate agents get paid and rewarded for their service to their current brokerage.  It creates legacy and a retirement plan of "massive action" that creates wealth. eXp eliminated the  brokerage making all the money to pay for their brick and mortar and top down expenses, and affords brokers the opportunity to eliminate the liability, bricks and mortar and franchise fees.  So it is truly a WIN/WIN.  Any agent that is open to exploring and learning about the eXp business model, will see the benefits. It equals the playing field.  Is it for everyone?  Maybe not.

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The question that WE would like to help you answer, is "Is the eXp global business model right for you?" 

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This is the definition of Agent Ownership:

68,000 Agents and Growing

18 Countries

87% Retention

76% Cap Annually

No Franchise Fee

Zero Territory Restrictions


Billions in Referrals

Trillions in Closings

Affordable Health Care







Co-working Office Space; Q2 2021 Highlights: Revenue increased 183% to a record $1 billion.

Gross profit increased 133% to $79.9 million.

Net income increased 350% to $37 million, which included $20.6 million income tax provision benefit.

Adjusted EBITDA (a non-GAAP financial measure) increased 98% to $27.0 million.

Operating cash flow increased 210% to $88.5 million.

As of June 30, 2021, cash and cash equivalents totaled $107.4 million, compared to $63.6 million as of June 30, 2020.

Agents and brokers on the eXp Realty platform increased 87% to 58,263.

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